Can You Hear Your Vendor’s Smile?

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Emotions are contagious; what emotions are you catching from your EHR vendor? In this latest installment of our blog series, Customer Service: The Lost Art, we will explore the importance of the simple yet underutilized practice of smiling. Before reading on, be sure to check out our first two posts in the series:

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Psychology Today reports that humans unconsciously and automatically mimic the emotional gestures of others, which may cause the listener to unknowingly feel those same feelings. When an individual smiles, others view him or her as reliable, relaxed, and sincere.

Read below to find out the five reasons you need a vendor who smiles on the other side of the phone.

Smiling Communicates a State of Mind
Smiling isn’t just an expression; it gives others a look into what’s happening in your mind. Smiling influences people’s brand perception and their customer satisfaction since it tells others that you are happy, pleasant, and sincere.

A Smile Reflects Ideals
A smile reveals a vendor’s ideals and validates their promise to be committed to customer service. It can show up in everything a company does, from answering the phone to completing a support ticket, and its presence confirms the company’s commitment to customer care.

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A Smile Communicates Attitude
Smiling tells a story beyond first impressions; it is a personal touch that is the foundation of excellent customer service. Smiling says we truly want to serve our clients, going above and beyond to meet each and every one of their needs.

A Smile is an Invitation
Smiling sets a tone that helps establish rapport and trust. In a world of ever expanding technology, smiling helps bring back the human element to client-vendor interactions.

Smiling is Contagious
Even when you cannot see a smile, the expression affects the listener. Smiling influences tone of voice, so the listener immediately hears the speaker’s sense of care and happiness. The listener can’t help but “catch” this positive emotion.

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