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Jim Kendrick
Senior Implementation/Support Specialist

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Meet Jim 

Jim is a Senior Implementation/Support Specialist in our EHR department. He joined the TSI Healthcare family in 2009. To Jim, customer service means “every phone call is a chance to service customers, whether at practices, NextGen, or other TSI Healthcare employees. Each call is a chance to provide help and advice to the person on the other end of the phone.”

Get to know Jim Kendrick better…

His hometown:
Blackfoot, ID 

Currently on his playlist:
Jess Glynne Radio  

One food item he could live on forever:
“Guacamole and tortilla chips.” 

What does TSI Healthcare’s mission of being “Powered by People” mean to you?:
“We are a family at TSI Healthcare, we have each other’s and our client’s back. Practices know when they call with issues, TSI Healthcare staff will go out of their way to resolve said issues..”

You’re favorite hobby or activity:

Something you just cannot live without:
“Coke Zero.”