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Jeni Smith
EHR Support Specialist

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Meet Jeni 

Jeni is an EHR Support Analyst in our EHR department. She joined the TSI Healthcare family in 2013. On a daily basis, Jeni works closely with TSI Healthcare clients to provide excellent customer service to clients by helping solve issues or problems they may be having.

Get to know Jeni Smith better…

Her hometown:
Connelly Springs, NC

Currently on her playlist:
Anything from old country, to soft rock to R&B, to oldies!

One food item she could live on forever:
My go to would be Japanese food

You’re happiest when:
“I am with my family. They mean more to me than anything and I strive to make them proud every day.”

You’re favorite hobby or activity:
Anything outdoors! I love to play sports, go to theme parks and go hiking.

You’re most proud of:
“My children. Though they are both different, they impress me with their drive. They don’t settle and always work to do the best they can.”