Additional Modules & Services

additional modules & services

Getting The Most From Your System

In addition to Electronic Health Records and Practice Management, TSI Healthcare® offers a variety of optional tools designed to increase productivity, efficiency, connectivity, and patient engagement.

Our additional modules & services build on your existing system to deliver more value from your data. Most importantly, these tools are fully integrated, enabling consistent, real-time clinical and administrative workflow among all users.

Patient Engagement Platform 

Automate Patient Reminders, Waitlists, and Referrals
With Patient Engagement Platform

Intelligent Scheduling

Actionable Reminders

  • Send customized, reminders-based appointment types, providers care plans, and more so patients receive tailored messages on the appropriate schedule
  • Patients can confirm, cancel, reschedule, and join waitlists from within the message, which is then updated in NextGen

Cancellation & Waitlist Management

  • Automatically generate and process “smart” waitlist to fill canceled appointments in real-time
  • Ask canceled patients to join a waitlist to reschedule their appointments

Smart Conversations

Secure Chat

  • Send PHI to patients through HIPAA-compliant, secure chat portal in real-time
  • Save time by answering questions and exchanging test results, images, and more

Pre & Post-Care Reminders

  • Automate secure patient outreach pre and post-care with instructions based on a specific procedure, provider, location, and more
  • Customize communications for custom care needs


  • Custom audience broadcasts enable you to quickly communicate with any segment of your patients
  • Ex: Inclement weather notifications

and More...

Feedback & Reputation Management

  • Capture real-time, actionable patient feedback
  • Drive happy patients to post positive online reviews (Yelp, Google, Healthgrades, etc.)
  • Request staff reach out to dissatisfied patients to discuss privately

Capture Referrals

  • Automatically contact referred patients to schedule appointments
  • Boost referral conversion rate and ensure patients follow-through with needed care

Integrated Speech Recognition

Save Time On EHR Data With
The #1 Ranked Integrated Speech Recognition

Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Leverages clinical data in the patient’s chart to understand the context of what is being said to ensure dictation is accurate.

EHR Documentation In Fewer Clicks

EHR Documentation In Fewer Clicks

40+ out-of-the-box NextGen specific commands allowed for text snippets, template with fields, and EHR navigation via keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks.

Single, Cloud Based Profile

Single, Cloud Based Profile

User’s profile is stored in the cloud. Providers can access their customized profile from anywhere they are using their NextGen system!

Population Health Plus 

Your Automated Engagement & Patient Care Concierge

Industry-leading population health technology powered by top ranked service.

Automate Engagement

Learn More

Improve Care Quality

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Increase Revenues

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Dedicated Population Health Plus Concierge

Quarterly Check-in Calls

Quarterly Check-in Calls

Particiapte in quarterly consultation calls with your dedicated Population Health Plus Concierge.

Campaign Recommendations

Campaign Recommendations

Discuss recommendations for new specialty specific campaigns with your dedicated Population Health Plus Concierge.

Robust Reporting

Robust Reporting

Review return on investment reports with your dedicated Population Health Plus Concierge.



Analyze performance compared to your peers.

Success By The Numbers

Average Annual Revenue Generated Through Chronic Conditions

Average Annual Revenue Generated
From Patient No-Show Follow-Ups

Average Annual Revenue Generated
For Medication Follow-Ups


From Paper to Your EHR…With the Stroke of a Pen 

Cursive & Block Printing


Numeric Data

Check Boxes

TSI Healthcare Cloud Hosting

Join the 10,000 users that trust our cloud


TSI Healthcare’s state of the art Cloud Hosting services features 99% availability,
eliminates server costs, and puts the maintenance work on us.

Read More About Our Cloud Hosting Option

So you can forget about hardware and focus 100% on patient care.

powered by people, additional modules & services

Patient Portal

Your Patient’s Medical Home on the Web


Front Office Benefits

Real-Time Appointments & Booking

Appointment Requests

Secure Communication

Broadcast Messaging

Online Payment Center

Clinical Staff Benefits

Intake Forms

Prescription Refill Requests

“My Patient Chart” Feature

Patient Research Center



Client Success Rates

According to a Coker Group Study of TSI Healthcare Practices


Reduction in call volume for lab results


Patients completing paperwork online


Reduction in call volume for Rx refills


Practices reporting improvement in provider productivity

Direct Messaging

Enhanced Clinical Data Messaging

Transform your referral and transition of care process by securely
exchanging clinical data faster and easier than ever before.

Discover and Connect

– Search from a comprehensive directory of 1,000,000+ providers & organizations.

– Over 70,000,000 secure messages sent and received.

– Send secure clinical messages with structured patient data between providers..

Compose and Exchange

– Simplify referral workflow and reduce paper/faxing.

– Securely share CCDs, NextGen EHR generated documents, and other clinical patient information with providers on the network.

– Import patient data from referring providers directly into your system.


Widely Adopted Standards

– Connect to other accredited EHR vendors nationwide using industry standards.

– Increase interoperability by extending the reach of community partners.


– Direct Messaging, a requirement for the Advancing Care Information (ACI) category in MIPS, helps you easily meet objectives.

– Automate ACI calculations.

Direct Messaging Workflow


Find a Provider

– Search from a comprehensive directory of 750,000+ providers and organizations.

– Not in the directory? No problem. Just enter their “Direct address.”


Compose Referral

– Use the referral template to generate referral “messages” including:
cover letter, CCD, and PDF attachments.

– Supports multiple attachments.


Send Referral

– Use the Direct protocol to transmit the newly created referral order.



– Automate MIPS calculations.


Direct Trust Agent Accreditation Program (DTAAP) Member

The DTAAP validates and supports compliance with the technical, security,
trust, and business practices required for Direct Messaging. TSI Healthcare’s
Direct Messaging solution utilizes industry leading NextGen and Mirth technology.
Read more about Direct Trust.

 Patient Check-In Kiosks

Improve solutions for pre-check-in, check-in, and electronic pay forms
to streamline patient experience.

For your administration

• Standardize check-in by having patients complete tasks in advance
• Automate the check-in process with no staff involvement or duplication
• Reduce the burden of front desk staff and reassign to higher value task

 For your wallet

• Accelerate cash flow: Increase patient payments and reduce A/R days
• Reduce hidden expenses: Bill insurance right the first time and send fewer statements
• Support your investment: Ask the right questions at the right time

Accelerate Cash Flow

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Improve Efficiency

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Raise Patient Satisfaction

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Control Staffing Costs

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  • "We have noticed an increase in patient satisfaction since implementing Automated Patient Reminders. Our patients like receiving the automated reminder about an upcoming appointment and our no-show rates have dropped dramatically. TSI Healthcare was with us through every step of the installation process."

    Gina, Insurance/BillingYuma District Hospital & Clinics
  • "Since implementing TSI Healthcare our documentation has been better and, as someone who runs the practice, the time savings has been huge. TSI Healthcare takes care of all the service calls, and I know we are in good hands."

    Jay, Practice ManagerAdvanced Rheumatology, MI
  • "I would definitely recommend TSI Healthcare’s rheumatology content to other rheumatologists. The automation, support, and people make you feel like you’ve known them forever."

    Tom, IT/Facilities ManagerRheumatic Disease Associates
  • "Our staff utilizes the Patient Portal Online Bill Pay feature and we have noticed a significant decrease in payment turnaround time as a result of its implementation. The clinical staff loves the lab results features as well. It enables them to communicate more effectively with our patients resulting in reduced callback volume, postage, and wasted paper."

    Misti, Practice ManagerTriad Internal Medicine Associates
* You earn $500 Visa gift card when they join the TSI Healthcare family. At TSI Healthcare, we respect your right to privacy. We do not sell, rent, swap or otherwise disclose any of this information to third parties.