Employee Spotlight: Dace

TSI Healthcare

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/2″] Meet Dace Dace is a Client Solutions Advisor at TSI Healthcare and has been a part of our family for the last two and a half years. He constantly goes above and beyond to ensure our clients have the resources and guidance they need to meet all of their reporting goals. […]

Employee Spotlight: Madison

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/2″] Meet Madison Madison, a Client Solutions Advisor, joined our family in July of 2014. Madison is quick learner and is a great asset to the TSI Healthcare Family and to our clients. Whether it be a follow-up call or guiding a client through an issue, […]

An Employee Spotlight: Alerie

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Alerie Specialty Development Manager [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Alerie Alerie, a Specialty Development Manager, has been a part of the TSI Healthcare family since 2008. Whether she’s on the road or in the office, Alerie always has a smile on her face as she works diligently to ensure our […]

An Employee Spotlight: Travis

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Travis EHR Application Specialist [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Travis Travis, an EHR Application Specialist, joined the TSI Healthcare family five years ago. Travis’ work ethic and positive attitude help him assist his team and take on new projects. His customer service skills and vast knowledge of the NextGen system […]

An Employee Spotlight: Michelle

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Michelle Client Programs Coordinator [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Michelle Michelle, Client Programs Coordinator, joined our family in 2013. Michelle’s friendly personality and willingness to help make her the perfect fit for the client relations team. On a daily basis, Michelle does whatever it takes to help clients find the solutions […]

An Employee Spotlight: Adam

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Adam Network Services [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Adam Adam, a Network Support Analyst, joined our family in 2014. On a daily basis, Adam uses his positive attitude and great work ethic to work closely with TSI Healthcare clients to resolve any software and/or hardware issues clients may be […]

An Employee Spotlight on Dawn

[fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Dawn EHR Implementation Specialist [/fullwidth_text] [fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Dawn Dawn, an EHR Implementation Specialist, joined the TSI family in 2012. Dawn always has a good attitude, positively challenges our teams, and is always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure our clients are happy and successful. Those that know […]

An Employee Spotlight on Denise

[fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Denise Government Affairs & Client Programs [/fullwidth_text] [fullwidth_text alt_background=”none” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Denise Denise, a Patient Portal Coordinator and Meaningful Use Specialist, joined our family in 2012. Denise is a knowledge expert when it comes to NextGen® Patient Portal. She has assisted more than 100 practices with Patient Portal implementation. As a member […]

An Employee Spotlight on Diane

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Diane Quality Assurance Manager RCM Services Group [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Diane Diane, a Quality Assurance Manager in the RCM Services Group, joined our family in 2010. Diane is knowledgeable, energetic, dependable, and ready to dive in to get the job done. She makes sure everyone has […]

An Employee Spotlight on Christina

[spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”1/4″ el_position=”first”] Christina NextGen Certified EPM Support Analyst [/spb_text_block] [spb_text_block pb_margin_bottom=”no” pb_border_bottom=”no” width=”3/4″ el_position=”last”] Meet Christina Christina, a NextGen Certified EPM Support Analyst, joined our family in 2011. Christina has a passion for getting the job done while demonstrating A+ customer service. Her attitude is fantastic and she is always willing to […]