TSI Top 5: Benefits of Using Automated Patient Reminders

TSI Top 5: Benefits of Using Automated Patient Reminders


Madison Powers
Client Solutions Advisor

Americans spend nearly 5 hours a day on their smartphones. To engage patients where they are, the healthcare industry has evolved from traditional manual processes to more automated tools such as Automated Patient Reminders . One of the top benefits of tools such as Automated Patient Reminders is that appointment reminders can now be delivered electronically via phone calls, emails, and/or text messages. But did you know that Automated Patient Reminders can do more than that?  Read on to learn about 5 additional benefits of utilizing Automated Patient Reminders:

  1. Inclement weather notifications. Using Phonetree Healthwave Connect, practices can notify patients of office closures/delays due to inclement weather. These notifications can include instructions on rescheduling cancelled appointments to prevent all patients calling the practice at 8am the next day! This feature saves practice’s time and patients from being confused/frustrated.

  2. Collection calls. Practices have the ability to contact patients who have overdue balances with customized instructions (ex: contact business office). Each practice can determine the specific parameters regarding the balance amount, days since last statement, number of statements before call, etc.

  3. No-shows. In addition to notifying patients of upcoming appointments, practices can also contact no-show patients from previous days’ appointments. This will improve practice’s success rate in rescheduling these missed appointments and reduce the overall no-show percentage.

  4. Integration with NextGen. Details of patients’ appointment reminder calls, SMS texts and/or emails will automatically import into their respective appointments in the NextGen Practice Management system. This includes appointment confirmation, as well as time, date and status of the reminder.

  5. Personalized voice recording. Practices have the option of using the automated voice recording for their reminder phone calls OR record a staff member’s voice. This option is great for practices who want their patients to hear a familiar voice during their appointment reminder.

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