TSI Healthcare Top 5: Questions To Ask When Replacing Your Pulmonary EHR


Alerie Stiles
Client Relations Manager

According to a 2015 Black Book survey, 80% of your peers are looking for a new EHR system. TSI Healthcare® is committed to partnering with pulmonary & sleep medicine providers across the nation to deliver a user-friendly EHR that features pulmonary & sleep medicine specific content. In our latest webinar, we revealed several EHR pain points sent to us directly by pulmonary & sleep medicine providers, highlighted TSI Healthcare’s commitment to pulmonary & sleep medicine, guided viewers through a demonstration of TSI Healthcare’s EHR for pulmonary & sleep medicine, and fielded questions from attendees.

To listen to the full webinar and download the pulmonary & sleep EHR replacement tip sheet “Top Five Questions To Ask When Replacing Your EHR,” see below. I’ve also included the top three pain points shared by pulmonary & sleep medicine providers during our webinar.

  1. “My EHR was clearly designed ONLY for family medicine, not pulmonary & sleep medicine.”

  2. “My EHR vendor has never heard of pulmonary nodule or the Epworth Sleepiness Scale.”

  3. “Even if you have a great system out of the box, you need to have award winning support to be successful.”

Download The Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine EHR Replacement Tip Sheet Listen To The Entire Webinar Explore Our 300+ Pulmonary & Sleep Medicine Enhancements
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