Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Trade Show in 2015


Trish O’Malley

As the healthcare technology industry continues to advance, we may sometimes forget the value of a face-to-face setting.  TSI Healthcare’s team of clinical specialists span the nation to meet YOU at industry-leading conferences throughout the year. We asked them why they think conferences are an important aspect to the healthcare community.

Below is their top 5 list of reasons why YOU should attend a conference this year:

  1. Discover new vendors, devices, products! Don’t shy away from the trade show exhibit hall at conferences.  Industry suppliers are some of the best people for to get to know if you want to learn more about the current business climate. In an industry with over 300 EHR vendors, certain, smaller subspecialties have been ignored. At many national conferences we are the ONLY EHR vendor with a key focus on niche specialties. Doctors have approached me and asked, “Where were you 2 years ago when we bought a generic internal medicine EHR?”

  2. Sharpen your skills. No matter how experienced you are at practicing medicine, everyone can learn. You practice in an evolving specialty. Learn about new tests, procedures, drugs, etc.

  3. Get credit. Most conferences offer Continuing Education Credits for both physicians and medical staff which are required for annual certifications.  Attending a conference is one quick way to earn these credits.

  4. Engage! Surround yourself with like-minded colleagues and learn current strategies that are working for others. People tend to loosen up at conferences and will often share their ideas, strategies and war stories with you.

  5. Regroup. Recharge. You are pulled in a million different directions each day. Take time to regain your focus by getting away for the day (or a few).

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