Population Health Plus: Take Control in 2018 With Population Health

Population Health Plus: Take Control in 2018 With Population Health

Allie Henderson  
Manager, Add-on Modules
Government Affairs & Client Solutions

We are wrapping up our latest blog series Population Health Plus: Population Health Management with a Personal Touch, a blog series dedicated to helping your practice increase revenue, meet federal regulations, and effectively manage your patient populations by utilizing a population health solution.

An Innovative Approach to Population Health Management
The first blog in our series provided you with an overview of some major industry problems and what your population health management solution should be doing to help your practice improve patient care, offset revenue losses, meet federal regulation requirements, and more. A few of the problems we discussed were:

  • Overcoming revenue loss
  • Navigating government regulations
  • Automating manual workflows

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Real People. Real Results.
In the second blog of our series, we heard from Maria Shafer about how her practice has benefited from a population health management solution. A few problems her practice faced before implementing a population health management solution were:

  • Diabetic patients missed appointments to have their blood checked
  • Patients arrived in lower quality of health due to missing preventative appointments
  • Patients missed preventative and follow-up appointments because office was too far away

However, after implementing this solution they saw incredible results:

  • $15,000 additional revenue generated in 2016 just from closing diabetic gaps in care
  • Patients arrive in better health due to preventative outreach
  • New office outreach campaign renewed patient compliance
  • Filled a clinical research study in two days

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Succeed in MIPS With Population Health
As we enter the second year of the Quality Payment Program, it is important to understand how a population health management solution can you help your practice successfully transition to a value-based care model. The third blog in our series helps you do just that! We covered topics such as:

  • Identifying Quality measure
  • Building customized patient profiles
  • Identifying gaps in care
  • Tracking Outcomes

Click here to read more about how a population health management solution can help your practice succeed in MIPS.

Proven Results
If the first three blogs in our series didn’t convince you of why your practice needs a population health management solution like Population Health Plus, we have one more benefit to show you. Population Health Plus helps your practice drive revenue by re-activating patients that are in need of preventative care. In addition, Population Health Plus increases practice revenue by generating new appointments and lowering costs for high-risk patients.

You’ve heard it from us but see below for some real results from real clients.

Revenue generated in five months
at a 13 provider pediatric group

Revenue generated in nine months from
one profile at a 10 provider cardiology group
Revenue generated in the first three quarters
of 2017 from one profile at a one provider
family medicine group

Revenue generated
in three months from one profile at a
five provider retina group


Get Started In 2018
Download our exclusive infographic to learn how your practice can get started on population health management in 2018.

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