How To Increase Patient Portal Registration

How To Increase Patient Portal Registration

After touting the merits of patient portal, it’s only fair to share some tips about how to increase registration and utilization of your patient portal. TSI Healthcare has noted portals take a few months to really get up and running as patients need time to make an office visit and then register online. Patient portal is worth the investment as it better links providers with their patients. We’ve gathered tips and tricks from our clients who’ve already successfully introduced NextGen Patient Portal to their patients!

Here are some of TSI Healthcare’s tips to increase utilization:

  1. Place brochures at check-in, check-out, and in the waiting room advertising the perks of patient portal—such as a faster way to get lab results or refill prescriptions!

  2. Use appointment reminder cards with information about patient portal and, if applicable, the online scheduling feature.

  3. When patients call in to refill an Rx, remind them of their ability to refill their Rx at their own convenience online.

  4. Place a computer in the waiting room so patients can use their wait time to register with the support of office staff or even complete new patient paperwork.

Here are some of TSI Healthcare’s tips on how to leverage patient portal to benefit your practice:

  1. Email patients applicable awareness information. For example, use your patient portal to email all female patients over 40 years some Breast Cancer awareness information or a reminder to make a mammogram appointment during February, Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This website features a comprehensive list of health observances:

  2. Encourage patients with chronic diseases to track important self-test measures such as glucose levels to be routinely monitored by a health professional in between office visits.

  3. Email patients pertinent practice information like closings and holiday hours.

The key to utilizing patient portal is getting your patients online and interacting with their portal. Having an office staff—including physicians and nurses—talking about the key features of your patient portal will help increase your patients’ interest in their patient portal.  TSI Healthcare is dedicated to your adoption success! Feel free to call us with questions.