Navigating Your MIPS Score

Tyler Surratt   
Quality Programs Specialist

Maggie Whisnant  
Quality Programs Specialist

In our latest blog series, Navigating Your MIPS Score, we are sharing the tools you need to interpret your score, improve your score, and benchmarks that you need to consider in the future. In case you missed it, this series has been a part of TSI Healthcare’s ongoing commitment to helping you stay informed about MIPS.  

In our first blog, we shared how to interpret your score and the penalty or incentive associated with it.

To recap, here is a quick how-to guide on how to interpret your score:

  • For MIPS scores in 2017, the points ranged from 0 to 100 points. In order to stay neutral, clinicians needed to earn a minimum of 3 points.
  • Payment adjustments for 2017 MIPS reporting ranged from -4% to -1.88%
  • Clinicians who scored a perfect 100 for their 2017 MIPS composite score will earn the maximum 1.88%

Read the full blog here

In our second installment of Navigating Your MIPS Score, we are providing you with quick tips to better improve your MIPS score for 2019. The following are easy steps to use so that your practice can earn even better scores in the 2019 MIPS Score Year:

  • Focus on measures with low benchmarks in order to easily reach higher deciles.
  • Track specialty-specific measures. CMS has defined Specialty Measure Sets for certain specialties to make it easier for the specialists to find the measures that are most relevant to their specialty.
  • Work with your QP specialist on mastering workflows for both the Quality and Promoting Interoperability (PI) Categories. If you don’t have a QP Specialist for your practice, find out how to get one here.
  • Watch the new PI Core Measure workflow workshops in order to best prepare prior to the 5.9/8.4 upgrade.

Check out our webinar which discusses in depth specific tips to improving your score for the upcoming year.

MIPS Performance Score Webinar

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