Navigating Your MIPS Score

Tyler Surratt   
Quality Programs Specialist

Maggie Whisnant  
Quality Programs Specialist

Welcome back! We’ve dedicated this blog series to help you stay informed about the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).  

In our last blog, we provided you with quick tips to better improve your MIPS score for 2019. To recap, here are some of the tips we shared on how to improve your MIPS score in 2019:

  • Focus on measures with low benchmarks in order to easily reach higher deciles.
  • Track specialty-specific measures. CMS has defined Specialty Measure Sets for certain specialties to make it easier for the specialists to find the measures that are most relevant to their specialty.

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TSI Healthcare offers many resources to help assist and benefit your practice in improving your MIPS score. If you are looking for easy solutions to benefit your practice, check out these lessons that other practices used not only to improve their score but also their knowledge of MIPS:

  • Attending monthly webinars in order to stay up to date on MIPS.
  • Re-watching or printing your EHR vendor’s Quality Workflow Workshops in between Quality Program calls to master these workflows.
  • Utilizing your EHR vendor’s helpdesk to ask the Quality Programs team questions in between check-in calls.
  • Running weekly or biweekly reports to keep track of your practice’s progress.
  • Improving clinical documentation to maximize MIPS points.
  • Selecting MIPS measures that your practice has already performed well on.

Bonus Tip: You will need to submit a data covering a minimum of 90 days performance period to obtain a higher score and receive a higher payment adjustment.