MIPS: Navigating The Advancing Care Information Category

MIPS: Navigating The Advancing Care Information Category

Hannah Lerner, MSPH 
Quality Programs Specialist

As part of TSI Healthcare’s ongoing commitment to providing you with the latest new in federal policy, we’re starting a new blog series, MIPS: A Closer Look, dedicated exclusively to helping you navigate the murky waters of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS). Join us over the next few weeks as we dive into each of MIPS’s 2017 reporting categories.

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The first category we will dive into is Advancing Care Information (ACI), formerly known as Meaningful Use. The ACI category replaces Meaningful Use and will therefore focus on your practice’s use of technology, such as your Electronic Health Records (EHR), with an emphasis
on interoperability and patient engagement. The ACI category encompasses 25%
of your total MIPS score.



If you are a MIPS Eligible Clinician (EC), your goal for the ACI category is to reach 100% through a combination of the following three scores:



Category Details
During the 2017 transition year, the ACI category will allow Eligible Clinicians (ECs) with flexibility by providing two sets of available measures: ACI Core Measures and 2017 ACI Transition Measures. TSI Healthcare clients will be reporting on the 2017 ACI Transition Measures. The ACI category 2017 Transition Measures will directly mirror 2016 Modified Meaningful Use Stage 2 measures with the minor changes listed below.

 2016 Modified Meaningful Use Stage 2  ACI Category 2017 Transition Measures
Scoring was pass or fail dependent on if the provider met all measures thresholds Scoring will be focused on patient engagement, interoperability, and electronic access.
Providers were scored on 10 Objectives including Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) measures. For the ACI Transition Measures, there is a reduction of objectives from 10 to 8 objectives. CPOE (Medication, Lab, and Radiology/Imaging) and Clinical Decision Support will no longer be requirements for ACI.
Public Health reporting was a requirement not an option. Providers were required to be connected to two registries for the 2016 reporting year. Providers can earn 10% in the performance score for being connected to an immunization registry and/or 5% in bonus points for being connected to an additional registry.
Thresholds were still in place for all MU measures. There are no longer thresholds or exclusions for ACI measures.
Mid-levels were not eligible for Meaningful Use in 2016. For 2017, NPs, PAs, CRNAs, and CNSs new to MIPS can choose to report the ACI category or can be considered exempt for this year only.
Providers were scored as ‘all or nothing’ for all measures. Providers can now mix and match the categories for which they are aiming to meet the objectives. This change was made in an effort to help practitioners achieve better care coordination and patient outcomes.


Click here to learn more about the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA)

See below for a list of 2017 Reporting Period: ACI Transition Objectives that ECs will be scored on.

  1. Protected Patient Health Information
  2. Electronic Prescribing
  3. Patient Electronic Access (Part 1 and Part 2)
  4. Patient Specific Education
  5. Secure Messaging
  6. Health Information Exchange
  7. Medication Reconciliation
  8. Public Health and Clinical Data Registry Reporting

Quality Program Services
Confused about the ACI category? We’re here to help! As part of TSI Healthcare’s commitment to providing its clients with the best tools and the best service in the industry, we offer the next level of federal policy guidance through QP Services. Schedule an appointment with your Client Solutions Advisor today to learn more about your practice’s options.

Need more help navigating MACRA? Watch our webinar “MACRA101: The New Quality Payment Program,”
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