How Long Will You Stay an Independent Physician?

Alerie Stiles  
Director, Specialties

Many physicians have chosen to be self-employed in order to provide higher quality and more personalized patient care. For these physicians, losing their practice’s independence would be devastating. Unfortunately, many doctors find themselves forced to give up their independence by closing their doors or succumbing to a larger healthcare system.

According to Accenture, 57 percent of doctors were majority owners of their practices in 2000, but this figure has dramatically decreased to just 33 percent in 2016. Physicians who want to retain their independence must devise new caregiving solutions.

An effective EHR should be a solution that aids in physician independence; however, a recent study by Medscape shows that:

  • 22% of independent practices have extended office hours
  • 22% of independent practices have reduced support staff
  • 54% of private physicians spend 10 hours d0ing paperwork a week

An effective EHR can mitigate these problems by:

  • Reducing time spent on administrative tasks
  • Raising the level of patient care
  • Complying with federal regulations
  • Assisting with more efficient processes for coding and billing

What Does the Future Hold for Physicians?
The factors behind the shift away from independent practices are likely to evolve over time. Physicians must continue to provide improved solutions and services to meet the fluid demands of the patient. An EHR vendor with mediocre support and generic templates will hold them back.

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Could Refining Your Support Improve the Way You Practice Medicine?
44 percent of physicians will sell their practices within 10 years. Those who retain control certainly won’t do so by using generic EHR templates with subpar support.

According to a Deloitte study, sinking vendor support is one of the biggest burdens healthcare providers face when utilizing an EHR. Without a dedicated support team backing their system, physicians face hiccups in workflow, inability to address issues in a timely manner, and decreased efficiency throughout the practice. Physicians must ensure they get proper training, tailored implementation, and ongoing live support, which can only be accomplished by a vendor committed to delivering platinum-level customer service.

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