An Employee Spotlight: Alerie

Specialty Development Manager

Meet Alerie

Alerie, a Specialty Development Manager, has been a part of the TSI Healthcare family since 2008. Whether she’s on the road or in the office, Alerie always has a smile on her face as she works diligently to ensure our clients are taken care of. Her dedication to customer service and advancing the healthcare industry help provide our clients with the best tools and the best service in the industry. Alerie was recently awarded the TSI Healthcare’s Presidential Award for 2016!

Get to know Alerie better…

Her Hometown:
Burnsville, N.C.

Her Personal Motto:

Currently Playing On Her Pandora:
Michael Jackson

One Thing She Could Live On Forever:
Totino’s Pizza

The Most Random Item On Her Desk:
Pictures from a Britney Spears concert in Las Vegas

Why Alerie loves TSI Healthcare:
“I love TSI Healthcare because even after almost 9 years, there are still new challenges each week. We have a team willing to jump in with a “Get it done” mentality, no matter how difficult the task. Everyone has the opportunity to grow. I’m thankful that I have the privilege to learn something new every day in an industry that I love.”

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