Colleen’s Rheumatology Success Story

Problem: Rheumatology Specific EHR

“We were struggling with our previous EHR vendor because the rheumatology content wasn’t there. We found that there was a lot of orthopedic content that they were trying to say would work for our specialty, but it didn’t really cross over as well as we thought.”

Solution: TSI Healthcare

“TSI Healthcare has exceptional specialty specific products. They work with rheumatologists to create their templates, and that was very impressive to us. That’s what we were looking for, so we recommend
TSI Healthcare to practices in our field on a regular basis.”

500+ Rheumatology Specific Features:

· Joint Exam Features Color-Coded Homunculus Diagram
· Outcomes Tracking Compares Disease Activity Scores
· ScoreCard™ Captures & Trends Disease Scores

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