Solutions Pro Series: Best Practices with Order Management

Solutions Pro Series: Best Practices with Order Management

EHR Implementation Specialist

Welcome back our latest blog series, Solutions Pro Series! This blog parallels our Solutions Pro webinar series, TSI Healthcare’s continuing education resource for EHR and EPM. As part of TSI Healthcare’s ongoing commitment to providing its clients with the best tools and the best service in the industry, webinars are offered monthly to help practices utilize their core solutions to the fullest potential.

This month’s webinar, Best Practices with Order Management, features best practices in system ordering, including methods for order tracking and results scanning. See below for a full list of agenda items:

  • Updating The Order Status & Closing The Ordering Loop
  • Different Status Of An Order
  • Resulting And Updating The Order Directly From The Template
  • Order Management Enhancement in NextGen 5.9

To listen to the full webinar, head over to our Client Resources page. As a special treat, I’ve included a TSI Healthcare Tip discussed during the webinar.

TSI Healthcare Tip: Managing Orders Through the Order Management Template
Did you know that you can improve patient compliance and provide better patient care simply by managing your orders? Meet CQM measure 50v5, Closing the Referral Loop, by incorporating the Order Management Template into your workflow.

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