5 More Reasons to Attend a Trade Show in 2015


Trish O’Malley

As the healthcare technology industry continues to advance, we may sometimes forget the value of a face-to-face setting.  TSI Healthcare’s team of clinical specialists span the nation to meet YOU at industry-leading conferences throughout the year. We asked them why they think conferences are an important aspect to the healthcare community.

Below are 5 more reasons YOU should attend a conference this year:

  1. Network with peers professionally! These may be complete strangers, but it can be helpful to form relationships and partnerships with others in your specialty. In this state of healthcare and where it’s going, there is a trend of physicians and practices forming “super groups” to be able to survive costs and reimbursement cuts, and even negotiate with payers, labs, etc. Team up!

  2. See your peers socially. Meet up with buddies from medical school that you haven’t seen in forever, and wouldn’t otherwise plan to see and go have a fun night together. Cut loose!

  3. Go see a new city! Leave the spouse & kids at home and have some YOU time.

  4. Get first-hand reviews. Conferences are a great way to meet current users of products you may be interested in. Gain insight on products/services that you may be considering for purchase. There will rarely be another occasion in which you will be surrounded by so many of your peers and online reviews can only reveal so much!

  5. They are there for YOU.  Every session/workshop is designed for your specialty. Think of the Exhibit Hall as your own, personally tailored shopping mall.

TSI Healthcare clinical specialists are coming to a town near you! Visit our Events page to see where we will be next.

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