CPOE: Externally Credentialed Staff

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Request To Add Users As Credential Staff

As part of 2013 and 2014 changes to the EHR Incentive Program, CMS has expanded the “Computerized Physician Order Entry” measure and granted licensed nurses and credentialed medical assistants at your practice the ability to enter orders into the EHR on behalf of a provider. In order to activate this setting in your system, the following form must be completed by the Practice Manager/Administrator, Practice Owner, or Managing Physician.

By submitting this form, you confirm the following statements are all correct:
1) The professional(s) listed below are either licensed nurse(s) or credentialed medical assistant(s), or are appropriately credentialed and perform similar assistive services as a medical assistant but carry a more specific title due to either specialization of their duties or to the specialty of the medical professional they assist.
– CMS does not specify credentialing organizations that would qualify medical assistants under this definition. Medical assistants who are credentialed, certified, licensed, or otherwise affirmed as medical assistants by an organization other than the one which employs them can enter orders for the purpose of this objective.
– TSI Healthcare recommends that medical assistants be credentialed by a national organization accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).*
– CMS also specifies that in general, scribes are not included as medical staff that may enter orders for purposes of the CPOE objective.
2) Practices MUST retain a copy of the professional(s)’ credentials in case of an audit.
3) The professional(s) listed below are legally permitted to enter orders per state, local and professional guidelines.
4) The professional(s) listed below can exercise clinical judgment in the case that the entry generates any alerts about possible interactions or other clinical decision support aides.
5) The professional(s) listed below understand that order entry must occur when the order first becomes part of the patient’s medical record and before any action can be taken on the order.
– Meds, labs, radiology, etc may not be dispensed or completed prior to the order being entered in the chart.

Please provide the following, placing each person a separate line:

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Failure to meet regulatory requirements or failure to implement and utilize the necessary technology will impact eligibility, may result in missed incentives and/or penalties. TSI Healthcare (TSI) attempts to provide basic guidance of current policy, CMS guidelines, and NextGen documentation. TSI does not present findings or guidance as expert advice regarding  federal policies, their requirements, data collection methods, or reporting guidelines.“Meaningful Use” requirements and other incentives programs are defined by the various agencies and offices of the US Federal Government and are subject to change. As guidelines change, NextGen’s approach and TSI’s guidance may also be adjusted without notice. TSI does not administer incentive payments, guarantee eligibility, or guarantee the accuracy of analysis and any statements about the program. TSI Healthcare and the NextGen® family of products and services can only provide the tools to achieve these requirements; however the responsibility remains on the provider to achieve, correctly collect data, maintain documentation, and report on each measurement. Should the Client have any questions as to the interpretation of ARRA, the HITECH Act or other relevant rules, regulation or incentive programs, and/or their application to the specific practice, the Client should contact the appropriate government agency directly.

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