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EHR Implementation Specialist

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Meet Carrie

Carrie, an EHR Implementation Specialist, has been a part of the TSI Healthcare family since 2014. She loves working with clients to smoothly transition into the world of NextGen, and she goes above and beyond to ensure each and everyone of our clients feel supported by the TSI Healthcare family.

Get to know Carrie better…

Her Hometown:
Denver, Co

Her Personal Motto:
Say what you mean and mean what you say.

Her Favorite Movie:
Fried Green Tomatoes

One Thing She Could Live On Forever:

The Most Random Item On Her Desk:
Keys to her last hotel room.

Why Carrie Loves TSI Healthcare:
“Everyone at TSI Healthcare works together as a team with the same goal. If one team member becomes weak, another will step up to the plate and help them through it until they are strong again. The inner workings are just like a family.”