Rheumatology Specific EHR Content

Rheumatology Specific EHR Content

TSI Healthcare® is committed to partnering with rheumatologists across the nation to deliver a user-friendly EHR that features rheumatology specific EHR content. With a team of developers and providers dedicated to content development, we continuously improve your system. Our unique enhancements to NextGen® EHR ensure you have the best tools from day one.

We’ve partnered with NextGen Healthcare to bring your practice the most advanced rheumatology specific Electronic Health Record system in the industry. Together, TSI Healthcare and NextGen bring you award-winning systems coupled with top ranked services.

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Real People. Real Results.

 Rheumatology Experts


Regulatory Assistance

 Top Ranked Services


1 in 3 Rheumatologists with an EHR use NextGen

In fact, no other vendor has more rheumatology clients live on EHR.*
Join a growing family of providers with proven adoption success.


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Over 500 Rheumatology Specific Enhancements

TSI Healthcare’s unique enhancements to NextGen EHR ensure you have the best tools from day one.


500 Rheumatology Specific Enhancements

 One Database, Five Integrated Tools


Specific EHR


Business & Clinical

Rheumatology ScoreCard™

 TSI Healthcare provides a rheumatology ScoreCard™, which is a one-page graphical trend view of the patient’s RAPID3, CDAI, DAS28, SLEDAI, ASAS, SDAI, BASDAI, HAQII, ESR, CRP, Grip Strength, FIQR, BASMI, and Tender/Swollen Joints.

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Rheumatology Outcomes Tracking

 Rheumatology outcomes tracking compares disease activity scores
directly against treatments, biologics, & medications (started & stopped).


Black Book™ Ranked Content

Top Rankings in Black Book™ 2015 Survey

for Rheumatology

Established in 2002

as an accurate, impartial healthcare market and client satisfaction research company.

Nearly 29,000 Ballots

collected from users nationwide over a 6 month period.

18 Performance Indicators

including training, support and customer care, integration and interfaces, reliability, and best of breed technology and process improvement. 

Fully Integrated Software

NextGen EHR - Top Features

Improve clinical processes through fast documentation methods, smart efficiency features, and enhanced connectivity.                                                    .

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NextGen PM - Top Features

Maximize your business operations through powerful practice management features, industry connectivity, and process automation.

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Optional Cloud-Based Hosting

Practices may choose our “cloud-based” ASP model instead of hosting your own servers, so you can forget about hardware and focus 100% on your patients.

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NextGen Patient Portal

Fully Integrated Functionality with direct connectivity to NextGen EHR and PM, including: online statements, bill pay, access to patient clinical information, and more.

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NextGen Population Health

Integrated platform utilizing “intelligent” clinical profiles to automatically select and communicate with patients about their unique preventative and follow-up care needs.

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NextGen NextPen™

Revolutionary digital pen technology converts the patient or
provider handwritten information into discrete data within the EHR.

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Connectivity and Direct Messaging

Our systems provide optional integration with all major connectivity partners and the ability to exchange clinical data with your peers.                  .

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Automated Patient Reminders

Securely communicate appointment reminders, lab results, and practice updates utilizing the data already in your Practice Management.

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Patient Check-In Kiosks

Innovative kiosk technology improves rheumatology specific intake processes by allowing patients to check-in, verify insurance information, complete payment transactions, and more.

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 Top Ranked Service

Tailored Set-Up & Installation

Tailored Set-Up & Installation

Our on-site workflow studies provide your team with a customized implementation plan tailored to your practice needs.

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Personalized Training

Personalized Training

Our EHR trainers deliver an added level of rheumatology specific knowledge, while our EPM System experts include former practice administrators.

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Meaningful Use Assistance

Meaningful Use Assistance

Hands-on regulatory training provides an added layer of guidance so you can focus on patient care.

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Live Call Support

Live Call Support

TSI Healthcare provides live call triaging to achieve an average support response time of 2 hours, compared to the industry average of 2 days. Based in the U.S.A.

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On-Going Evaluation

On-Going Evaluation

Regular evaluations by our expert team help you discover new features, functionality, and maximize utilization from day one.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management

TSI RCM is an optional service that puts the power of an expert billing company at your disposal, from claims submission to patient collections.

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 *Statistics based on data collected by TSI Healthcare National Survey.

Specialty Partners

  • "TSI Healthcare is a smaller company so we are catered to much more than we were with our previous vendor, who would put us on a list. That has made a world of difference."

    Ana Reyes-Cartagena Arthritis & Rheumatism Associates, M.D.
  • "We knew that for a Rheumatology practice with Multi-Specialty physicians involved, TSI Healthcare could help us manage all of our needs."

    Sa'Vonna Staton, Practice ManagerCarolina Specialty Care, PA
  • "TSI Healthcare is aware. They are on it. They know exactly what is coming. They know exactly how they need to help you. The emails, the notifications, the website, they have everything you need. When you call TSI Healthcare for support you feel like you're talking to family, you're recognized, and they get you help immediately."

    Sa'Vonna Staton, Practice ManagerCarolina Specialty Care, PA
  • "The team members at TSI Healthcare are customer focused. They are dedicated, committed, and the are easy to work with!"

    Lynne MarletteThe Hirsh Center
  • "I think they are great! We had a TSI Healthcare team member come out to visit us, assist us, and make things calmer and smoother. I think they are a great team. I don't know what we would do without them!"

    Linda McKeeRheumatic Disease Associates, Ltd.
  • "I have had several phone conferences with various folks at TSI Healthcare, and we have really found them to be very helpful and very knowledgeable about their specific areas. There are a lot of unknowns in healthcare, and a lot of regulations that are still of yet to come. I think TSI Healthcare has been very helpful with helping us work through these challenges."

    Alan K. Matsumoto, MDArthritis & Rheumatism Associates of Maryland
  • "TSI Healthcare delivers an EHR that actually helps our specialty provide better patient care. It's truly an EHR built for Rheumatologists by Rheumatologists. The only thing better than their custom content is TSI Healthcare's support, which exceeds all expectations."

    C Michael Franklin, MD, FACP, FACRRheumatic Disease Associates, Ltd.
  • "TSI Healthcare works with many rheumatology practices to create rheumatology specific content, including some things we would not have thought of on our own. TSI Healthcare’s focus on rheumatology specific content, customer support, and technical service is outstanding."

    Tom McDevitt, IT/NetworkingRheumatic Disease Associates
  • "TSI Healthcare made many promises and they kept them all. It was really a very smooth transition and everything they promised to accomplish, they did complete."

    Rheumatic Disease Associates, Ltd.
  • "As government regulations continue to evolve, TSI Healthcare remains current regarding the changes and always keeps us informed in a prompt manner."

    Ana Reyes-CartagenaArthritis & Rheumatism Associates, M.D.
  • "The main reason why we chose TSI was their commitment towards the field Rheumatology. There are only about 4,000 practicing Rheumatologists in the United States and it's difficult to find a vendor that pays Rheumatologists any attention. TSI Healthcare has shown a real commitment towards working with Rheumatologists and bringing out Rheumatology specific templates and systems."

    Alan K. Matsumoto, MDArthritis & Rheumatism Associates of Maryland
  • "Since implementing TSI Healthcare our documentation has been better and, as someone who runs the practice, the time savings has been huge. TSI Healthcare takes care of all the service calls, and I know we are in good hands."

    Jay Salliotte, Practice ManagerAdvanced Rheumatology, MI
  • "We found out about TSI Healthcare through the National Organization of Rheumatology Managers. There was a lot of buzz around NORM that TSI Healthcare knew a lot about Rheumatology. The fact that you could go to a vendor about Rheumatology and they know what your talking about was a big thing."

    Lynne MarletteThe Hirsh Center
  • "The support has been the biggest area that has helped because we don’t have enough time to read through all the government regulations. The added benefit of having TSI Healthcare made it easier to know we were on the right track, and they had our back."

    Jeanette DayArthritis and Rheumatic Diseases
  • "The team members at TSI Healthcare are very customer focused, that was apparent from day one with the sales team all the way through the implementation and training processes. The CEO even introduced himself and made us feel welcome; that’s not something you see with every company."

    Jay Salliotte, Practice ManagerAdvanced Rheumatology, MI
* You earn $500 Visa gift card when they join the TSI Healthcare family. At TSI Healthcare, we respect your right to privacy. We do not sell, rent, swap or otherwise disclose any of this information to third parties.