Population Health Plus: An Innovative Approach to Population Health Management

Population Health Plus: An Innovative Approach to Population Health Management

Allie Henderson  
Manager, Add-on Modules
Government Affairs & Client Solutions

To help navigate you through these latest alterations in the healthcare landscape, TSI Healthcare is excited to release our latest blog series Population Health Plus: Population Health Management with a Personal Touch. In this first blog of our new series, we will overview some major industry problems and what your population health management solution should be doing to help your practice improve patient care, offset revenue losses, meet federal regulation requirements, and more.

The Modern American is a witness to two major shifts in healthcare: the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the shift toward value-based care. Population health was developed as a response to these two major shifts, but what is it? According to an article published in the American Journal of Public Health, the field of population health includes health outcomes, patterns of health determinants, and policies and interventions that link these two (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1447747/). In the age of the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), population health is essential as it allows physicians to maintain a high quality of patient care and identify care gaps, helping them prevent medical errors and improve patient outcomes. Keep reading to find out how your population health management solution should be helping your practice overcome these barriers.

Industry Problem: Decrease in Quality of Care

Solution: Identify a population health management solution that is aimed at increasing care quality with proactive practice management profiles “out of the box” to engage your patients in the management of their chronic diseases and preventative care. Care team notifications are essential to help providers and practice staff identify patient needs. In addition, your solution should offer a closed loop integration to deliver information back into your system, allowing you to identify reports in real time.

An Innovative Approach: Patients come in for appointments in better health.

Industry Problem: Revenue Loss

Solution: Identify a population health management solution that focuses on increasing your practice revenue through automated patient outreach to decrease the number of missed appointments. Your vendor should provide you with ROI reporting options to ensure you see a measurable return on your investment. Finding a solution that is intimately aware of the nuances of your practice’s specialty is also critical, as this knowledge will help you identify specific lists for outreach, helping your practice pull in new revenues.

An Innovative Approach: Engage your patients in a way that works for you and them.

Industry Problem: Navigating Government Regulations

Identify a population health management solution that couples personal concierge to help you integrate your solution directly into your workflow to help you meet MIPS measures. Your vendor should have a team member specifically assigned to you to handhold you through creating patient profiles and identifying quality measures applicable to your unique practice as it strives to meet federal policy requirements. Without a good support team backing your population health solution, your practice will struggle to meet difficult measures.

An Innovative Approach: Integrate into your practice’s workflow to meet MIPS measures.

Industry Problem: Manual Workflow

Identify a population health management solution that will aggregate meaningful information from both your EHR and EPM so you can identify the most accurate lists of patients that need follow-up appointments. You need a solution that will send automated messages to schedule your patients’ appointments.

An Innovative Approach: Reduce staff time spent on follow-up and patient reminder calls, allowing staff to focus on income producing tasks.

The Bottom Line

Your practice needs a population health management solution that is guided by industry experts who know your specialty, your system, and the current healthcare climate. Population Health Plus is ready to join your team to help you improve patient health, engage your patients, help you meet MIPS, and open time for revenue generating activities.

If you’re interested in TSI Healthcare’s innovative approach to population health management through Population Health Plus, please contact helpdesk@tsihealthcare.com for more information.

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